I love Cooking with my Thermomix

You have probably seen a Thermomix being used on MasterChef but not realised just how versatile it is

Susan and her TM6

Introducing the Thermomix® TM6! 

This all-in-one kitchen appliance offers amazing versatility with over 20 different functions and modes, all in one sleek compact machine. 

From meal planning, to ingredient shopping, to cooking, the TM6 has your back so you can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time.

Susan and her TM6

Who Am I

My name is Sue Jackson and I am a keen cook and baker. I live in a small village just outside York and have been using my Thermomix for 4 years.

I became an Independent Advisor (Advisor number 121142) as I am keen to spread the word about the world of cooking and baking that owning a Thermomix® brings.  I started my experience by hosting a demonstration from a local advisor, it has to be said I was impressed but was guarded about buying one due to the price. My husband, son and mother-in-law were very impressed by the demonstration, so much so that my mother-in-law bought one there and then! We then had a great time experimenting and cooking with it. When the time came for her to take it back to Scotland I missed it so much that I just had to get one too. I can honestly say that it was the right decision. There is rarely a day that it doesn’t used; from grating cheese to making full three course dinners, grinding spices to making cakes.

It is a family affair now as both my daughters and my son have their own Thermomix!

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