12 kitchen appliances in one incredible compact unit. A premium kitchen appliance that will change the way you cook forever. Thermomix ® provides you with healthy, easy cooking – giving perfect results every single time.

Grinding, Chopping, Mixing, Kneading, Stirring, Whisking, Blending, Steaming, Cooking, Weighing, and Emulsifying and now slow cooking, fermentation, sugar work mode and high temperature cooking and sous vide.

Thanks to four cooking levels and its intuitive design, Thermomix® can cook a complete, healthy meal in just 30 minutes. Add your ingredients, set the time, temperature and speed and let Thermomix® do the rest for you. 

Take a look at this.


How would I describe it?

In a word...brilliant!

It consists of 

  • Main body that is computer controlled and includes  integrated weighing scale and a single selector dial
  • Mixing bowl - 2.3 litre stainless steel bowl with integrated heating element
  • Blade - stainless steel blade that can turn up to 10,700 rpm
  • Internal Steaming basket
  • Varoma - placed on to of bowl to steam your food

It also come with a butterfly whisk, spatula and measuring cup.

It provides different methods of cooking by combining the functions of multiple kitchen appliances into one efficient unit and with features like Guided Cooking which sets internal timers to the precise duration necessary for each process, Thermomix ® delivers much faster, more energy-efficient cooking. Sequential steps of a recipe can often be combined into one. For example, grating carrots and mixing all the ingredients for a carrot cake can be done in one step in 20 seconds! You can also blend and cook, or cook and stir, or cook and steam at the same time.

It is therefore an energy saver as one piece of equipment is all that’s needed to cook a complete meal for the entire family. By cooking in three layers with Thermomix ®, you can cook a delicious and healthy meal with fish, vegetables and potatoes in just 30 minutes. That saves time and energy.