One of my customer's husband's comment was "it was the best money they'd ever spent!"


From Delish Magazine 2021

5 ways to liven up your midweek meals with Cookido


From Forbes magazine 27th April 2019

Best nutrition Innovation 2019



On March 20th I attended Huby WI to demonstrate the TM5, this is what they wrote: interesting talk, display and explanation of another wonder by Sue Jackson. The kitchen machine can do the work of 12 kitchen appliances in one incredible compact unit, this latest addition to the family being connected to the internet and allowing access to thousands of online recipes. 

Thermomix carries a 2 year warranty and prices are high as to be expected. It claims to transform your kitchen when using the world's most intelligent food processor. It is unique that it chops, blends, weighs, steams cooks and will change the way you cook forever.
Sue demonstrated how effortless cooking was to produce healthy, simple cooking producing perfect results. Most certainly we all enjoyed the soup, bread, salad, dhal and lemon curd created in very little time.



March 19

9 best food processors for 2019 – how to pick between Tefal, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid and more

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This is a good review but i do disagree that the TM5 is for serious cooks; it is for everyone, cooks and novices alike!



On January 9th I attended Alne WI to demonstrate the TM5, this is what they wrote:

"At our first meeting of 2019 we welcomed Sue Jackson who gave a Thermoix cooking demonstration that was fresh, spice abnd incrediby fast. Members Helen, Pam and Sue volunteered to be Sue's assistants and followed the Thermomix instuctions under her guidance, popping the ingredients prepared by Sue into the machine.

In a flash Helen and Sue were rolling bread and making plaited loves to put into the oven. Pam then added the ingredients to make a wonderful warming pepper and tomato soup, then a vibrant fresh coconut carrot salad and a satisfying dhal.

With a final flourish, an amazing lemon curd all from scratch in the space of one and a half hours! Sue and the Thermomix were amazing. Everyone enjoyed sampling the fayre!"





Rachel Johnson, writer

‘I believe in useful presents rather than romantic “gifting” (when I was a child the biggest “main” gift I ever received was a red dressing gown before being packed off to prep school). I love clothes and cooking, so this Christmas I would like a state-of-the�art Thermomix blender, everything in the current ME+EM collection and some Sisley face creams.’ 





…than a house full of friends and family, surrounding ourselves with our loved ones, and enjoying a cosy night at home, with delicious home cooked food and a homely, relaxing setting. Hosting Christmas dinner parties and taking pride in how the house looks at this time of year are things that have been hugely important to me, increasingly as I’ve become a homeowner, and this year, with the help of some of my favourite gadgets, entertaining, cooking and cleaning the house is made a million times easier.