My name is Sue Jackson and I am a keen cook and baker. I live in a small village just outside York and have been using my Thermomix 3 years.  I become an Independent Advisor (121142) as I am keen to spread the word about the world of cooking and baking that owning a Thermomix® brings. I divide my time between York and the North East of Scotland where I still have family and so can also provide demonstrations there.


I started my experience by hosting a demonstration from a local advisor, it has to be said I was impressed but was guarded about buying one due to the price. My husband, son and mother-in-law were very impressed by the demonstration, so much so that my mother in law bought one there and then! We then had a great time experimenting and playing with it, that after she took it away to Scotland with her I missed it so much that I got one too.

I can honestly say that it was the best decision I made. There is rarely a day that it doesn't used; from grating cheese to making full three course dinners, grinding spices to making cakes.